How To Increase Your Sales With Amazon Brand Registry (2022 Step-By-Step Guide)

Cassondra Barney

Cassondra Barney

March 31, 2022

How To Increase Your Sales With Amazon Brand Registry (2022 Step-By-Step Guide)

If you’re serious about building your brand and your business on Amazon, then let’s talk about getting brand registered!

If you’d rather watch the video instead then click the link and video below! 

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If you’re investing hours upon hours of your time, energy, and money into building your brand and products, then you need to protect this work by becoming brand registered with Amazon. So let’s talk about exactly what brand registry is and how you can easily obtain it.

At the very end I’m also going to give you a blue-print that will help walk you through the steps that you’ll need to brainstorm in order to come up with the perfect brand name and logo for your business.

So what exactly is brand registry and why should you want it? 

There are 2 MAJOR benefits to becoming brand registered:

#1 Peace of Mind

  • With brand registry you’ll have protection from other sellers trying to sell counterfeits of your products, and from people trying to hijack your listings. You will be able to prove to Amazon that you are the brand owner, and other sellers will receive an IP alert for selling your products, which will hurt their account health. 
  • You’ll also have legal action that you can take to stop counterfeiters.
    • If need be Amazon will refer cases to law enforcement, undertake investigations, and pursue litigation to seize the counterfeit products.
  • Lastly, other sellers can't change or edit your listings .. no one at all will be able to touch or alter them in any way.

#2 Enhancement Features

  • Once you obtain brand registry you will get access to A+ brand content. This is a major win for you, your listings, and your storefront.  With this you’ll get enhanced brand content, brand analytics for scaling, and you’ll REALLY be able to improve your plain listings to sectioned and professional looking ones. Both your listings and storefront will be able to have videos, banners, headers, a Q & A section, call to actions,  and a slideshow of photos.
    • These enhancement features will REALLY help to gain trust with potential customers, and convert them over to buyers! 
  • A+ brand content will also give you access to better ads, and display ads that will come up right at the top of searches when potential customers search for your keywords. You’ll also be able to post video ads, and even be able to go live on Amazon and demonstrate your products!
  • Vine reviews - Last but not least, you’ll be eligible for the Vine program. This program allows you to get up to 30 very detailed reviews which will help to convert more customers. After all, people trust the word of other people! Having 30 well-written and very detailed reviews for your products will most certainly help to gain trust in future potential buyers, and convert them over to customers!

What Do You Need Before You Can Get Brand Registered?

  1.  An Active or Pending Trademark
    Your trademark can either be a text-based mark, or an image-based mark. Because a text-based mark only consists of letters and is generic, I would recommend for you to go with an image-based trademark. These have complexity to them and are much easier to trademark than a single word (think Nike brand with the swoosh logo). Having a more enriched trademark will make it much more likely to get your trademark approved.
  2. Branded Products Or Packaging
    Next you’ll need your trade mark (that is either approved, or pending approval) to be visible on your products or your packaging. If you choose to only have your trademark on your packaging, then it must be a fixed part of your packaging. Meaning it can’t just be a sticker that you applied yourself. Your trademark must actually be printed directly onto your packaging.

How Can You Obtain a Trademark?

Once you’ve come up with your brand name and logo to trademark, you’ll first need to make sure that it is available for use by searching the database at If your trademark is available, next you’ll need to file the trademark application.

3 Ways To File a Trademark Application:

#1 Self Apply

Right on the website you can fill out and file the application all on your own. Which will definitely be the cheapest way to get a trademark, but there is no guarantee that your trademark will be approved. 

#2 Hired Help

If you would rather hire someone to file your application for a competitive price, then head to either Fiverr or Upwork.

#3 Amazon’s IP Accelerator Services

This is the method that I would recommend most. These services are offered by Amazon and can be pulled up at With this approach you’ll have access to law firms that Amazon has already vetted. They’ve negotiated pricing with these firms, and you’ll have a guarantee that comes along with your purchase that you’re hiring someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. Along with filing your trademark, they can even help you with researching potential brand names and logos. You also won’t have to worry about waiting upward of a year before your trademark gets approved before you can take advantage of the services and protections. You’ll immediately have access to all of Amazon’s brand registry benefits as soon as your application gets approved.

Now that you have your trademark registered and your branded products or packaging, next you can apply for brand registry with Amazon.

A couple of points to note: 

  • You can enroll more than one brand on Amazon, but you have to enroll one brand at a time and fill out an application separately for each. 
  • You also have to get registered in each country separately that you want to sell your products in.
  • The trademark owner has to enroll the brand (not an authorized agent)

To access the brand registry application go to Here’s what you’ll be required to answer on the application (Don’t worry, it’s pretty short and sweet!)

  1. First you’ll need to input the brand name, and it must match exactly how you registered it! If you have an image-based mark then you will need to upload a copy of the image exactly as it appears on the trademark records
  2. Next you’ll need to input the trademark registration number that is provided by the intellectual property office 
  3. If the trademark is pending then use the application number provided by the IP office 
  4. You’ll need to list all of the categories that you want to sell your brand in
  5. The application will then ask if you have a UPC, EAN, or GTIN barcode for your products. Everything sold on Amazon has to have a barcode, so if you’re manufacturing and private labeling your products then you’ll need to purchase barcodes from 
  6. Finally you’ll be asked if you are a manufacturer or do you distribute to others

After You Submit Your Application:

Once you submit your application, now you just need to wait for Amazon to verify that you are the actual rights owner of the trademark. To do this Amazon will reach out to a contact that meets their requirements, and that contact will be provided with a code that they’ll have to send back to Amazon.

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect brand name and logo to trademark, then take out a pen and a piece of paper and walk through this guide to do some soul searching! Think about and jot down your responses to each of these prompts:

  • Who are you as a person and what do you want to accomplish?
  • What do you want to accomplish through your brand?
  • What do you want your brand to represent?
  • Define who your audience is and understand what will be meaningful to your buyers
    • To do this switch gears and look at it from a buyer’s perspective: What do you want in a brand and wish a brand could be? Model your brand based on what you’d expect and like to see from other successful brands
  • Look at the competition in your niche- determine what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong
  • What voice/tone does your brand convey? Serious, sarcastic, funny, health driven? 
  • How can you and your brand stand out amongst the competition? 
  • Be sure to design a logo that is very clean and professional looking to gain trust with customers
  • Colors also convey trust and send a message- think deeply about which color or colors you will use in your design 
  • When thinking about your logo, ask yourself what message it conveys to the customer 

Hopefully this guide has served as a useful tool for you in developing your trademark, and applying for your application and brand registry with Amazon!

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