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ProfitGuru helps Private-Label and Wholesale Sellers

  • Find untapped niches in ways your competition isn't
  • Identify your competitors best selling products
  • Connect with manually verified brands
  • Get access to over 4000 suppliers based in the US
  • Protect and improve your profit margins

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Amazon is not saturated

Amazon Is NOT Saturated

Sure, some niches are. But, with over 350 million active products and new ones coming to the market every day - Amazon isnt saturated. You just got to know where to look.

Many ways to make money

Many Ways To Make Money

From private label and wholesale to drop shipping and retail arbitrage - there are a ton of ways to start profiting from amazon. You just need the right tools for the right sourcing methods.

E-commerce is still growing

E-commerce is STILL Growing

Even with recent global events, ecommerce is set to grow as more and more people place orders online. You can take advantage of this by finding in-demand products to sell on Amazon.


“Profit Guru is responsible for my first ever sale on Amazon. The Brands Research Tool is an absolute gem. I can quickly identify wholesale-friendly brands that have big potential without wasting time on products sold by the brand themselves or by the ‘Big A’ (Amazon!).Once I’ve found a few brands I’m interested in working with, I open a wholesale account with them, stick my suppliers product file into the Bulk Analysis Tool and voila! I’ve got a healthy list of products with the highest profit potential. There simply isn’t any other tool online that allows me to do this. Not only has this saved me hundreds of hours of manual research but has directly allowed me to scale my FBA business to 7 figures per year“

Testimonial Thomas
Thomas B.
7-Figure Wholesale Amazon Seller

Cut Through The Nonsense

“Researching the other tools available made me overthink the whole process. The overly confusing pricing, the features I didn’t need and the lack of transparency was enough to give an aspirin a headache. ProfitGuru helped me source my first products with more confidence.

One thing I especially like is their Historical Data feature. I don’t have to download anything and I can get all the data I need to make better decisions when sourcing my private-label products.

I would highly recommend ProfitGuru to both beginners and more advanced sellers who want to cut through the nonsense and just start making money."

Testimonial Christine P
Christine P.
Amazon Private Label Seller

A Game Changer

“The Bulk Analysis Tool from Profit Guru has been a game-changer for my online Amazon business and software I wish I had found earlier as it saves hours and hours of doing manual research work when selecting new products to add to my seller account.

The powerful software tool means no more bad buying decisions which can result in stock sitting in an Amazon warehouse collecting storage fees. I love how all the info is kept in one safe place online and can be viewed easily on any of my devices, from anywhere in the world!”

Testimonial Don
Donald H.
Pet Supplies Wholesaler


An Affordable, All-In-One Product Research Tool For Amazon Sellers.

For Private Label Sellers

who want to quickly find popular, low competition products they can bring to the market with a competitive advantage.

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For Wholesalers

who want to work with and source high demand products from successful, manually verified brands.

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Product Intelligence

Looking for a product to sell on Amazon?

Discover your next bestseller by finding winning products with our Product Research Tool.

You’ll be able to quickly find products of quality listings (We don’t track dead products) that match your criteria so you can determine potential revenue in seconds.

With the ability to search through 17 different filters you’ll not only avoid competing with Amazon, but you’ll be able to zero in on the best products with the highest leverage.

In short... It’s product research intelligence on steroids.

ProfitGuru Filter Screenshot
Historical Metrics

Historical Metrics

Get insights into how well a product has been selling over time



Identify small and lightweight products you can bring to the market fast



Quickly determine Product Listing Quality so you can find quick-wins over your competitors

Sales Estimates

Sales Estimates

Find high demand products filtered by Amazon Sales Rank



Categorize and save potential products for quick and easy reference later

Avoid Competing with Amazon

Avoid Competing with Amazon

Avoid tough niches by instantly knowing if Amazon is competing

+ 10 more filtered options you can use for smart product research.

Brand Intelligence

Brand Intelligence

Is Amazon saturated? Well, it depends on where you’re looking...

With our Brand Research Tool you’ll be able to hunt and find products from your competitors that are already selling well - then look to sell them yourself.

Not only that, but you’ll get insights on hundreds of thousands of brands, their contact information (where applicable) and list of the suppliers they're using.

You can then use this information to start your own product line at a competitive advantage or reach out and form new profitable business relationships.

Follow the path of least resistance - it’s just smarter that way.

  • Number of Products Find brands with a large amount of products for sale
  • Average number of Sellers/Listing Find brands and sellers with low competition products and listings.
  • Average Product Weight Find the average product weight across the entirety of each brands stock.
  • Percentage of Listings with Amazon Selling Find brands and products that haven’t been exploited by Amazon.
  • + 5 other search filters to hone your search intelligence skills.
ProfitGuru Data
Supplier Intelligence

Supplier Intelligence

Never underestimate the power of solid supplier intelligence.

Find and organize trustworthy, low cost suppliers all in one place with our Supplier Directory.

You’ll be able to scale your profits by; searching, identifying and then using this information to connect with over 4000 suppliers.

It can also be used as an additional layer to your product search intelligence. Why? Because you’ll be able to find the exact suppliers your competitors are using.

Thank us later.

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ProfitGuru product details

Improve Profits With Precision

Our FBA calculator not only gives you all the information you need to calculate the profitability of your chosen products but…

We also calculate Amazon’s Small & Lightweight FBA Program fees - better than anyone else - even Amazon themselves.

So now you can drastically improve your product profit margins by accurately calculating the profitability of products that are eligible for the FBA Small and Light Program.

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ProfitGuru product details

Predict Profitability With Improved Accuracy

Found a potential product? Great, now it’s time to see how well it’s selling.

Our Sales Estimator Tool lets you check the number of sellers and the product's monthly sales volume so you instantly know the level of competition you’re facing.

The real power is found in the Historical Metrics however. Here you’ll get an insight into the products price and sales history giving you a better idea of how well the product will perform in the future.

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Keep on track of historical sales data and identify products with room for more profits

Found in our Product Research, Sales Estimator and Bulk Analysis Tools with full access without search limitations

ProfitGuru product history charts

The 80/20 Approach To Making Money on Amazon

Make better decisions with tools you actually use

Product Research Tool
Product Research Tool

Find products in high demand but low competition niches.

Gain in-depth sales data and insights fast within a few clicks.

Product Research Tool
Brand Research Tool

Spy on your competitors and understand your niche on a deeper level - then profit from it.

Get access to all the contact information you need from popular brands so you can contact them and order their stock.

Supplier Directory
Supplier Directory

Negotiate the lowest prices for products from suppliers your competitors don’t even know exist.

Enhanced FBA Calculator
Enhanced FBA Calculator

Know your numbers. Get access to Monthly Revenue and Profit Estimates for each product (not available on the regular Amazon calculator) so you can make better purchasing decisions with confidence.

Bulk Analysis Tool
Bulk Analysis Tool

(Wholesalers Only)

Research an entire quote from your supplier in a couple of clicks by uploading a list of products you want to analyze. Make better buying decisions with better data, and grow your Amazon wholesale business.

Sales Estimator
Sales Estimator

Get a clearer picture of a product's sales value and how well a product is really selling with estimates for: Current Sales Rank, 7-day and 30-day Sales average.

ProfitGuru is perfect for private-label research

"ProfitGuru is perfect for private-label research. I'm able to find popular products with low competition much much faster...

In today's market, speed is key and ProfitGuru gives you that extra advantage."

Testimonial Janice
Janice K.
Amazon Private Label Seller

I struggled to find a product research tool

“I struggled to find a product research tool for all the different sourcing methods - paying for multiple tools is costly. That’s why I choose ProfitGuru as my ‘weapon’ of choice. I can do my private label, wholesale and online arbitrage research all under one roof and still have the flexibility to come up with sourcing strategies that give me a competitive edge. Thank you ProfitGuru for making my life easier!"

Testimonial David
David M.
Wholesaler and Online Arbitrage Seller

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