Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2021

Keren Dinkin

February 05, 2021

Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2021

Selling on Amazon may be a lucrative business, but success is guaranteed only if you’re willing to invest time learning the ropes and working hard at maintaining your inventory and product listings.

Fortunately, Amazon sellers today are in a much better position than those who started a decade ago. Technological advances and Amazon’s steady growth into a global retail giant resulted in a thriving community of third-party providers offering business support.

From product research and inventory management to advertising and accounting systems, as they say, there’s an app for that.

However, many software vendors package their services in a misleading manner. So, sellers have no choice but to go through a trial-and-error process, trying out one app after another until they hit the jackpot.

We know. We’ve been there, done that. And our journey has led us to curate a list of reliable providers that effectively support every aspect of an Amazon business.

If you’re looking for services that will make your life as a seller much simpler, and your road to success much shorter, then this list is for you. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for months, you can save a lot of time and money by using these best Amazon Seller tools in 2021.

And for your convenience, we have organized our selection according to the type of services they provide.

Product Research and Scouting

Forget everything you’ve learned at university or from your brick-and-mortar store about researching and scouting for the best products to sell. Amazon has revolutionized the rules of retail selling and in all the good ways possible.


Since you can ship your goods to anywhere in the country, the national population is your target market. And if you allow Amazon to take care of your fulfillment, you can even join its marketplaces in other parts of the world.

In the same manner, your sources are not restricted to local suppliers any more. Importing to Amazon’s warehouses is now an online transaction and shipments can take as short as a couple of weeks.

In this scenario, you need Amazon product hunting tools to determine the right products that appeal to as many Amazon shoppers as possible. Below are our recommendations.



With various ways of searching for products guaranteed to sell on Amazon, ProfitGuru offers the most value for your investment. It is your best tool for wholesale research.

By providing data on the performance of competing products on Amazon based on their respective ASINs, ProfitGuru allows you to glean the potential of your own items to sell on the platform.

This Amazon product research tool is very helpful for newbie sellers. You can use it to find brands in categories where competition is not stiff and whose products are not carried either by the brand owners themselves or by Amazon. Your next step would be to either contact the owners directly and offer to sell their goods or to search for suppliers that already do.

ProfitGuru is already popular among wholesale sellers because it provides supplier information on popular brands. This saves you the effort of going through a vetting process with various vendors.

And for private labeling prospects, the Listing Quality Score of ProfitGuru is extremely beneficial. It helps you spot promising products by comparing the performance of different brands on certain specified parameters. You might be surprised at how many of them achieve high sales despite their average-looking listings.

Cost: $39 per month

Visit ProfitGuru



The most widely used product research tool among professional Amazon sellers, Jungle Scout has developed proprietary Amazon product analysis algorithms that give you a host of information on any product or niche on the platform. These include estimated profitability, consumer demand, the competitive landscape, and even seasonality.

For brand builders focused on private labeling, Jungle Scout can help locate global suppliers and manufactures of top brands. Their facts and figures are reliably harvested from the Customs Import Trade Data.

Jungle Scout boasts a robust suite of other Amazon-specific tools as well, such as Keyword Scout, which helps sellers create listings and PPC campaigns with keywords that make them visible in search results. However, their monthly subscription is not cheap, and many of their features are not very useful.

Cost: $69 per month

Visit JungleScout



Probably the second largest suite of tools for Amazon sellers, Helium10 may not be worth the monthly subscription if you intend to use it for product research alone. In fact, the strength of this software lies in its powerful proprietary algorithm for listing optimization.

With the Magnet tool, you can harvest high-volume keywords to optimize your listing and create both automated and manual PPC campaigns. Using the Frankenstein tool, you will be able to rank those keywords according to their relevance to your product.

For product research, Helium10 guides you from the general level of BlackBox where you can scan millions of products through various categories and niches, to the medium level of Trendster which provides demand, seasonality, and sales trends of any product, down to the specific level of X-Ray that shows in-depth information such as pricing and revenue estimates.

Cost: $97 per month

Visit Helium10



For product research combined with profit computation, SupplySpy offers its users a Bulk Analysis and Profit Calculator tool, which is extremely useful for wholesale Amazon sellers who purchase products in bulk.

The process is straightforward as well. You simply upload files of your supplier’s price lists and the tool will calculate your potential profits on Amazon, factoring in all costs and expenses such as shipping, FBA fees, and referral charges.

In addition, the Bundle Builder of SupplySpy offers the opportunity to scout for products that can be sold in bundles at high profits on Amazon.

Cost: $19 per month

Visit SupplySpy

Profit Bandit

profit bandit

Essentially a barcode scanner for retail arbitrage, Profit Bandit supplies pricing information on any given product in less than five seconds. It uses Amazon’s Application Programming Interface (API) to provide real-time data including a product’s Buy Box price. You can also check whether Amazon sells the same item.

When you scan the barcode of any product, the tool accurately computes your profit on Amazon after FBA fees and shipping costs. Plus, it notifies you if the item falls under a restricted category.

Cost: $9.99 per month

Profit Bandit



ScoutIQ was developed primarily for Amazon sellers of new and used books, though you can also use it to scout for other profitable products to sell on the platform, whether by FBA or through FBM.

With a proprietary algorithm that analyzes and organizes large amounts of data, ScoutIQ enables you to review historical sales of any book. This way, you can determine which titles have the profit potential on Amazon.

The best feature of this tool is its downloadable database, which allows you to access information even without an internet connection.

Cost: from $14 per month

Visit ScoutIQ

Listing Optimization and Product Launch

To ensure sales on the Amazon platform, launching your product and optimizing your listing according to the unique behaviors of the Amazon community is a must. In the past year, the number of Amazon shoppers increased dramatically due to the pandemic that forced people to stay indoors and shop online.

In particular, the Boomers who used to habitually patronize physical stores had no choice but to purchase their essentials and non-essentials on the internet. 


You can consider employing some of these Amazon Seller tools in 2021 that have also evolved with the numerous changes on the Amazon platform.



One of the older Amazon keyword research tools, MerchantWords has been providing sellers with keywords for listing optimization since 2012. Their extensive data are based specifically on Amazon shoppers, not on search engine trends or PPC ads. 

You can use its API, designed for listing advisors and volume sellers, to optimize your listings. In addition, MerchantWords shows you the accurate shopping trends of Amazon visitors through proprietary algorithms created by its Data Science team.

Cost: $29 per month

Visit MerchantWords



Created by the company SixLeaf, ZonBlast is a tool dedicated to product launches on the Amazon platform through targeted promotions. You can use it to create campaigns, and then leave it alone to manage them and monitor rebates.

Promotions are essentially discounts or giveaways that you offer when launching a product. Ideally, they drive traffic to your listings, and consequently, boost sales. These elements combine to push your listings to page one, making them more visible in search results. This, in turn, increases your organic traffic and sales.

In addition to fully automated promotions, ZonBlast also provides ways to create short URLs for Amazon product pages. Compared to the long URLs assigned by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, shorter ones not only increase brand awareness but also facilitate ease of use by shoppers. 

Cost: $47 per month

Visit ZonBlast



ZonJump is another product launch software that helps drive traffic to Amazon product listings. It works on a unique strategy of boosting the ranking of any product on specific keywords. Rather than focusing on the Amazon platform, this tool works on external traffic and redirects it to Amazon listings.

Using highly targeted ads aimed at users of Google and Facebook, among others, ZonJump entices your potential buyers with coupons. However, you should note that your success in using this tool relies heavily on your listing’s optimization.

Cost: Per Coupon Pricing


Viral Launch

viral launch

Viral Launch offers a wide range of tools that help Amazon sellers grow their FBA business, including listing optimization and product launch services. With an automated keyword research tool, it helps you select the best keywords to optimize your listing. You can also use the software to track the performance of your keywords and improve your strategy where necessary.

If you wish to automate your PPC campaigns, Viral Launch will make it possible with their Kinetic tool. Alternatively, with its product-targeting suggestions, suggested bids, and ad rank tracking features, you may opt for manual campaign management.

Cost: from $50 per month

Visit Viral Launch



With its Amazon analytics tools and processing algorithms, sellerapp delivers listing optimization, keyword research, search rank tracking, and product research, all in one place. Their strength lies in growing sales and finding business opportunities based on large amounts of data collected from global market trends.

This software provides a thorough evaluation of your existing Amazon product listing so that you can take steps to improve its optimization leading to an increase in visibility and a boost in conversions.

The keyword research tool of sellerapp helps you find keywords that rank high in search results as well as those that are trending and utilized by best sellers. You can use the targeted and converting keywords in both your listing and your ad campaigns.

After optimization, sellerapp’s tools will help you monitor the search rank of the keywords you’ve selected, and even flag negative search terms, in real-time. This way, you can assess their individual performances over any specific period, and then use the software to assist you in making improvements, if necessary.

As for product launches, sellerapp offers automated ad campaigns that increase conversions and reduce both ads spend and ACoS.

The software also provides accounting and inventory services, plus alerts on hijacking, Buy Box pricing, and negative reviews.

Cost: from $99 per month

Visit Sellerapp

Ecomdash Listing Tool


For Amazon sellers who focus on bulk listings, EcomDash provides a way to launch multiple products with speed and accuracy. The bulk upload feature of its Bulk Listing tool has the ability to format multiple listings simultaneously. You can then conveniently export them to Amazon.

Even if your products are listed under different categories, EcomDash can still list them quickly using its Multi-Channel Listing tool. And you don’t have to worry about info errors.

Keep in mind that this software is essentially a tool for managing bulk listings. It doesn’t optimize them, nor does it create or manage ad campaigns for product launches. This means you would need to engage the services of another vendor for these purposes.

However, EcomDash also offers inventory management for multiple online marketplaces and web stores, including Shopify, eBay, and WooCommerce. They can sync all your inventory across the board, including variations and bundled items.

And since we’re already on the topic of inventory management, let’s hop on to the options available on the market today.

Cost: from $60 per month

Visit Ecomdash Listing Tool

Inventory Management

Among the existing Amazon Seller tools in 2021 dedicated to inventory management, we tried out a lot. 


Sadly, none of the tools we tested were anything that is close to good. It seems that most of these tools are built by non-Amazon sellers because they are not intuitive to sellers’ needs. And while a few do understand Amazon, they either still lack some features or are poorly made.

With that said, we found two (the best in the lot) which could help you manage your inventory:



If you’re running a wholesale Amazon business, RestockPro is the best available tool for managing your inventory. It keeps your inventory up to date through real-time tracking of inbound and outbound shipments.

The software also assists you with timely reorders to ensure that your products will not go out of stock. This is crucial for your sales because the moment your product becomes unavailable on the Amazon platform, it loses its ranking, and it might take time to recover.

Reorders to your suppliers can be done on RestockPro as well. You can use their template or create a customized reorder form. The tool automatically checks the information you’ve entered for accuracy and then ensures the on-time arrival of your shipments.

All of the above are ideal scenarios. In reality, when we used RestockPro for our wholesale business on Amazon, we found it expensive for the below-average rate of our experience. Their interface is outdated, the software was slow, and they often went down due to technical issues. Plus, it did not support bundling from different suppliers, and it didn’t integrate with other marketplaces either. 

Cost: from $99.99 per month

Visit RestockPro



Forcastly is a predictive software that has the ability to forecast product demand accurately and just within seconds.

If you are a private label Amazon seller using FBA, then Forcastly is the inventory management tool that suits your needs. It works well for stocks shipped directly from suppliers to Amazon’s warehouses.

But when we tested it on large amounts of products, we were not satisfied with its performance, particularly the laborious updating of the numbers. Also, it does not support bundles and kits.

On the positive side, this software was acquired by JungleScout, which tells you that its services are reliable.

Cost: from $80 per month

Visit Forcastly

Advertising and PPC

The uniqueness of the Amazon marketplace extends to marketing and advertising. Simply put, what works in all other e-commerce stores, and even in search engines like Google, wouldn’t fly on the Amazon platform.


This determines the visibility and ranking of each product in every category and niche. Therefore, promoting your products to Amazon shoppers needs the expertise provided by apps built around this algorithm.

These are the top four software we found to do the job efficiently:

Seller Labs


The Seller Labs software helps Amazon sellers automate ad campaigns with its smart PPC algorithm. Using the Ignite tool, you get to enjoy PPC management on autopilot while optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your ad spend.

Seller Labs also offers other services to support an Amazon FBA business, including a keyword research tool and an automated buyer-seller messaging tool.

Cost: from $49 per month

Visit Seller Labs

Profit Whales

profit whales

For automation of existing and new ad campaigns, Profit Whales offers a PPC Creation and Optimization Software. The tool seamlessly connects to your Amazon Seller Central account to harvest data from your search term reports, ASINs and categories, and then merges the information with data from third-party sources. Using these statistics, the Zero to Hero tool then creates optimized campaigns based on high-ranking keywords.

Cost: from $69 per month

Visit Profit Whales



With its AI-based predictive solutions, Sellics allows sellers to fully automate their ads on the Amazon platform while maximizing sales, increasing conversions, and reducing ACoS. The user-friendly software can be used by both Amazon Sellers and Vendors.

Alternatively, you may opt for a semi- or fully-customized campaign where you set the rules according to your specific preferences, including keyword harvesting, ad scheduling, placement targeting, and dynamic bidding.

You should also check out the free PPC Grader tool that the company offers to everyone, even non-Sellics clients. It analyzes the performance of your current PPC campaigns and provides a detailed report on your ad spend and CPC performance. Through this report, you can discover the strengths of your campaigns and maximize them to increase revenue and ROI. You will also learn new optimization techniques to further improve your advertising efforts.

Cost: from $99 per month

Visit Sellics



Manage your ads, increase your revenue and reduce your ad spend using the AutoPilot tool of AiHello. It not only oversees your keywords and campaigns but also increases your revenues and maintains low ad costs by constantly adjusting bids, adding high performing search terms, and optimizing costs of ads.

As an AiHello user, you can view AutoPilot’s bidding history for all the products on your dashboard. The tool sets up your bids and ACoS so you don’t have to.

Cost: from $39 per month

Visit AiHello

Automated Pricing

Unlike Walmart, which controls pricing and favors the lowest rates within its physical and online stores, Amazon encourages its sellers to dictate their own prices.


Thus, in order to stay price-competitive, you need to employ Amazon Seller tools in 2021 that are able to automate your product pricing based on your business rules. Doing so also saves you the time and effort which you can divert to growing your enterprise instead.

You can study the apps below and choose the one that best fits your business model.



The Repricing Central tool of Bqool is an automated Amazon seller analytics software solution that you can use to win the Amazon Buy Box. At the same time, it guarantees the accuracy of a product’s prices and maintains healthy profit margins with the Profit Calculator feature, which factors in all fees and costs.

While Bqool offers automation of your repricing, it also allows you to customize your strategies. You can select your competitors and create a unique plan based on their metrics, including item status and condition, feedback ratings, and fulfillment method.

Cost: from $25 per month

Visit Bqool

Automate your price changes and maximize your profits with the repricing tools of This software increases your chances of winning and keeping the Amazon Buy Box with its Get the Buy Box repricing strategy algorithm.

For private label listings,’s Sales Velocity Algorithm helps you achieve any specific targeted sales velocity. This is done by crafting unique and customized pricing strategies that focus on your most relevant competitors.

More than making your life simple with a no-brainer repricing setup, provides reports and analytics to help you adjust your strategies accordingly.

Cost: from $49 per month




If you prefer to customize your price management rather than give free rein to a pricing automation tool, then RepriceIT is perfect for you. You can configure and control the automated inventory repricing attributes to keep your products’ prices competitive. The software’s intuitive engine will then evaluate your competition and proceed with repricing according to your rules.

And with its RepriceIT Now! feature, it allows you to reprice your inventory anytime even if you’ve already set up your automated repricing.

RepriceIT works for all types of products, including media, and is fully compatible with Amazon’s FBA. It also offers Amazon Buy Box pricing options.

We tried using RepriceIT and found that while it works for both small Amazon businesses and large-scale sellers, it also lacks some essential features like filtering options. However, it’s the best choice in terms of monthly cost, and they offer a free trial as well.

Cost: from $9.95 per month

Visit Repricelt


repricer express

Another automated repricing solution, RepricerExpress is ideal for Amazon sellers on FBA and those who are Buy Box eligible. It not only offers repricing templates but also allows customization on attributes like competitors, item condition, seller ratings and feedback, and scheduling.

Wholesale Amazon sellers will appreciate the tool’s user dashboard which displays real-time pricing data of all products at once. Analyze different aspects by using filters such as minimum and maximum prices, top sellers, and last price changes.

RepricerExpress is also a good option for sellers with active listings in different Amazon marketplaces because it includes an automatic daily currency rates feature.

Cost: from $99 per month

Visit RepricerExpress

Accounting and Tax

Yes, even online merchants are subject to taxes. The good news is that, as an Amazon seller, you don’t need to hire an in-house accountant to take care of your finances. You got it – there’s an app for that.

Keep in mind, though, that you still need a CPA come tax time to look through your books and journals, and to ensure your numbers are balanced. However, you can cut down on accountant fees if you use any of the accounting software below right at the start of the year.



Seamlessly integrate your QuickBooks or Xero accounting system with your Amazon Seller account via the A2X software. Your monthly sales data is imported in an abridged format, but you still get a detailed journal that contains the cost of goods sold. This way, you have a clear and accurate picture of your sales margins in your P&L.

A2X also harvests all your transactions, including sales, commissions, refunds, FBA fees, and adjustments.

With this integration, you can be assured that the sales and fees posted in your accounting books are consistent with the figures in your bank account. The numbers posted by A2X are accurately reconciled with your Amazon payouts, which are reflected in your monthly balance sheet.

Cost: from $19 per month

Visit A2X



Taxomate provides a complete suite of accounting tools for both automatic and customized management of your Amazon business’ financials. The software is compatible with both QuickBooks Online and Xero accounting. All transactions in your Amazon Seller account can be automatically synced to either of the two software.

With Taxomate, you eliminate the need for manual entries and reconciliation of sales data against your Amazon deposits. It also tracks the cost of goods sold and sends it to your accounting software in an abridged statement.

Taxomate is a very affordable automated accounting option for both newbie and veteran Amazon sellers. You will be able to monitor your inventory valuation on a monthly or annual basis.

Cost: from $14 per month

Visit Taxomate


seller bench

Need help with recovering your Amazon reimbursements? SellerBench provides that specific service.

Many FBA sellers have been on the receiving end of Amazon’s storage errors. These include lost and damaged inventory, inbound shipment, and inventory reconciliation discrepancies, and incorrect FBA fees, refunds, and returns.

The case managers at SellerBench offer their expertise in locating these unpaid but reimbursable items and assist sellers in the steps they can take to recover the money they lost.

Cost: 25% of successful reimbursements

Visit SellerBench


Okay, that was a long list.

We won’t claim that it’s a complete and comprehensive one, but we have hands-on experience to back each one of them. They are the best options available on the market today, and you will definitely benefit from their services, especially those that allow you to automate tasks, frees up your time, and eliminates the need to hire extra hands.

Finding the Amazon Seller tools in 2021 that best fit your business model won’t be easy. But the effort you invest in completing your own suite of apps will surely pay off for the long term.

One of the most valuable learnings we gained from being Amazon sellers ourselves is the advantage of choosing a software that does more than one job. For instance, if you can research for products, optimize your listings, and create your ad campaigns in one place, then you will be able to raise the bar of efficiency in running your business seamlessly.

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