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For the new or experienced third-party seller, helps you find and source profitable products to optimize your Amazon business.

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Find your potential with ProfitGuru

  • Identify the brands from Amazon’s marketplace with the greatest potential.
  • Connect with wholesale suppliers for easy sourcing of your chosen brand.
  • Use our Bulk Analysis tool to analyze the supplier’s product list and identify the most profitable products to sell on Amazon.

How it Works

ProfitGuru Brands List

Find Brand & Supplier

Find promising brands and connect with the right supplier

Use our key metrics to discover the most promising brands with our Brands and Products search tools.

Source products from our list of 4,000+ verified domestic suppliers in our Supplier Directory, listed alongside the brand you’ve selected.

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Bulk Analyze Products

Find profitable products to sell from your chosen supplier

Upload the product list from your chosen supplier to our Bulk Analysis Tool to find the most lucrative products to order and sell.

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ProfitGuru Brands List

Four different tools for smart inventory choices

ProfitGuru brand details


Browse or search for popular brands and discover crucial metrics such as the number of popular products they offer, the average number of sellers per listing, and which popular sellers offer products by that brand, among others.

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ProfitGuru popular products


Find popular products that are currently selling well on Amazon to identify the brand and find a supplier. Search by keyword or other important criteria, such as category, sales rank, price, weight, and the average number of sellers of the product.

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ProfitGuru suppliers

Supplier Directory

With 4,000+ listed and still growing, the Supplier Directory is a valuable resource for finding domestic wholesalers who provide the brands you want to source. Link to the supplier from your selected brand, search the directory by product type, or filter by category.

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ProfitGuru bulk analysis tool

Bulk Analysis Tool

Upload product lists from your suppliers to return data on how these products compare to products currently sold on Amazon, including the ASIN, Profit Margin, ROI, and Sales Rank. We'll store your product lists so you come back as often as you want and find more profitable products from your existing suppliers.

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What our customers are saying

Testimonial Chris


A Game Changer

"The Bulk Analysis feature from ProfitGuru has been a game changer for my online Amazon business and software I wish I had found earlier as it saves hours and hours of doing manual research work when selecting new products to add to my seller account.

The powerful software tool means no more bad buying decisions which can result in stock sitting in an Amazon warehouse collecting storage fees.

I love how all the info is kept in one safe place online and can be viewed easily on any of my devices, from anywhere in the world!"

Chris H.
Pet Supplies

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