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Well-written is the ONLY way

Right off the bat, lets emphasize that we require high-quality content and nothing less. Every article we receive gets through a rigid funnel and those that don’t meet our standards don’t hear back from us. So, to save time and effort for all of us, the rule of thumb is: Well-written is the ONLY way.

No shortcuts, no work-arounds. We say no to shallow and say yes to substance. Always.

By high-quality content we mean –

  • First-hand information from industry experts. You must have a deep and thorough knowledge of what you’re writing about.
  • Highly specialized and targeted. Generic ones are the first to go and we can easily tell by the first few lines. No SEO article types that talk in general terms.
  • Well-researched with links to reliable websites and sources.
  • Must be smart and not just trying to SOUND smart by using big words that don’t really add much meaning to the context.
  • Original and not a rehash of a previously published article. Must be 100% unique, plagiarism-free, inventive, and packed with useful information like actionable tips, in-depth info, and analysis that our readers will benefit from.

And here’s a couple of things more you need to know


Our readers love to hear about the latest updates on

  • Top marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart…
  • Top e-commerce platforms like Shopify, big commerce…

Our Audience

Industry experts and enthusiasts who want to know the latest information and get value out of it. Something they will appreciate, save, share, and use heavily as reference.


A minimum of 1100 words. Not merely puffed up with winding lines to reach the required length. Every word, every punctuation should matter.


Yes. Quality images and screenshots that reinforce the topic are a must.


Your content will be promoted to our 10,000+ email subscribers with link building to help your article rank on search results. You will enjoy a wide reach and get read by a vast active audience. Our website enjoys 100K+ monthly page views and the number is growing even as you read this.

It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on and a platform for you to promote yourself as an industry expert and content creator.

Who gets the credit for your article?

You do. 

You will get a byline that has your name as the author. The content, however, will be owned by our site as we will be publishing it. We also reserve the right to make the necessary edits. Don’t worry, even the greatest writers get their works checked and changed as needed. It’s the norm even for big-league writers.

What do we expect from you after you get published?

We expect you to be active in responding to comments and questions on your published article. We also encourage you to promote your published article on your social media, blogs, etc. with a link back to the original article published on our site.

How to send your topic and article pitch?

Email us your submission. We prefer submissions as Google documents so that editors can easily provide feedback directly within your draft. You will definitely hear from us if your article passes our criteria.

Email us your submission

So, what’s your subject of expertise? If you are great at it, then be our guest!

Good luck!