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Quickly grasp important factors for sourcing products profitably on Amazon, whether through Retail Arbitrage or Online Arbitrage. ProfitGuru analysis provides answers to essential sourcing questions:

Am I allowed to sell it? How well does it sell? Is it a profitable choice?


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The Idea of Online Arbitrage


The concept is straightforward – find a high-demand, low-competition product being sold by online retailers, buy it, and then resell it on Amazon at a higher price.

However, considering the vast array of products available online, swiftly identifying those that are profitable for resale on Amazon can be a challenging endeavor. With the immense volume of options, finding the right products quickly for online arbitrage requires both skill and strategy. But at ProfitGuru, we provide a comprehensive set of tools designed to greatly simplify your search for profitable products.

At ProfitGuru, We've Developed Powerful Tools to Streamline
and Simplify Your Online Arbitrage Sourcing Process.

Products Search Tool


Monitor millions of Amazon listings using a single, user-friendly research tool that collects all essential metrics.

View the historical product data, effortlessly calculate your profit and make informed choices easily. Instantly grasp the selling price, Amazon fees, estimated sales, and potential profit for each product with just a few clicks.

ProfitGuru Products
ProfitGuru Sellers

Sellers Search Tool


Navigate the competitive world of Amazon with ease using our Sellers Research Tool. With just a few clicks, you can access detailed information on other sellers, including their product listings, brand partnerships, and customer feedback.

To spot Online Arbitrage sellers, check how many brands they're selling. The more brands they have, the more likely they are to be Online Arbitrage sellers. Once you find a potential Online Arbitrage seller, that's when our next tool can help you out.

Storefront StalkerStorefront Stalker icon  


Storefront Stalker is a game-changing tool. It lets you see what's in the top sellers' inventories, showing you what products are making them money. You can use this info to figure out which items could earn you a profit too. Just find a seller who's doing well, and then you can go through their list of products to spot the ones that could help you succeed as well.

ProfitGuru Storefront Stalker
ProfitGuru Bundle Ideas

Bundle Ideas


Bundling products is an effective strategy to increase profits. Bundle Ideas tool helps you to find products that sell well together. It gives you great combinations based on Amazon's recommendations, helping you make more sales and profit.

The All-In-One Product Research Tool


Actionable insights and metrics that help you succeed with Amazon


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