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Selling Private-Label Products on Amazon

The idea is simple - identify a popular, low competition product, make some changes to the design or packaging then launch your own slightly different version for sale.

Simple doesn’t mean easy though.

With over 350 million products sold on Amazon, finding potential products that meet your criteria at speed can be an extremely difficult task.

ProfitGuru: Products Tool

Tracks millions of Amazon products and gathers all the data you need in one easy-to-use product research tool.

  • Search for your next winning product. Eliminate wasted time sifting through endless amounts of products that nobody wants to buy. Narrow your search down with 17 filters to uncover high-demand, low competition niches in seconds.
  • Identify Opportunities. Look for ways to improve a product's features, packaging, branding or listing page. Use our in-house Listing Quality Score (LSQ) and Product Rating search filters to get results on products that aren’t meeting customer expectations despite having high monthly sales.
  • Know your numbers. Calculate your return on investment and make educated decisions at a glance. Understand the sell price, Amazon fees, estimated sales and expected profit for each product with a few clicks.
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