The Amazon Brand Registry Program - Why You MUST Get Your Brand Registered

Keren Dinkin

February 24, 2021

The Amazon Brand Registry Program - Why You MUST Get Your Brand Registered

If you’ve ever clicked on one of Amazon's bestsellers or Amazon's Choice, the first thing you’ll notice is that beautiful custom designed product display page with tons of pictures, videos and engaging content. You don’t get to bestseller status without going all out on design but that’s just half of the picture when it comes to registering your brand with Amazon. 

Custom designed amazon product display

Custom designed product display page on Amazon

Amazon is a great tool today to increase sales online. However, there are still many problems that sellers might run into which can hinder how effectively they’re able to market their products. This includes unalterable product listings and not being able to modify details of other products under your brand. 

This is where Amazon’s brand registry comes in. Registering your brand with Amazon allows you to gain complete control over your product listings.

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What Is the Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand Registry allows brand owners / authorized sellers to have greater control over their brand and enjoy enhanced reporting tools for better analysis.

The Amazon Brand Registry allows verified brand owners access to enhanced reporting tools while also allowing them more control over their brands across the platform. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that brands registered under this program enjoy special privileges.

Though the primary aim is to safeguard your copyright interests, enrolling in brand registry opens up a suite of tools you can use to better market your product, such as A+ content features, exclusive advertising opportunities and more. 

Why Is It Important to Register Your Brand with Amazon?

Today there are over 350,000 brands registered with Amazon. Let’s look at another set of stats. About 2.5 million counterfeit sellers were stopped before they made a single listing and over 6 billion suspected fraudulent listings were permanently blocked in 2019 alone.

If you are a seller on Amazon it’s possible you may encounter infringement issues, especially if your product is successful. Fortunately, the Amazon Brand Registry provides a specialized brand of security. This protects your products from being imitated by other sellers, necessary if you’re planning to expand your E-Commerce operations. 

This is why brand registry is incredibly useful when you have multiple retailers selling your product. You can control the way your items are listed and the information displayed on each page to ensure it is updated and accurate. It saves a lot of time otherwise wasted in communicating with all your retailers and lets you conveniently edit your product information.

Benefits of The Brand Registry Program

Registering your brand has benefits that go beyond security from infringement. Here are some of the features (up to date) of the registry program.

1. Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content features allow you to add more detailed and custom-designed product description on your product display page. The full set of features includes rich text, images, videos, comparisons or backlinks to variant products also being sold by your brand. 

This allows you to create content that accurately represents your brand, highlighting the features that make your products special. You can also grow your brand awareness with ads. 

Better still, Amazon also lets you create your own multi-page store within their website in order to drive more customers to your store.

Amazon Brand Store

Amazon Brand Store

Amazon’s brand-new offering-- Brand Story, lets you showcase your brand’s story to your customer. 2021 is all about highlighting your brand on Amazon. It's about continually taking steps to ensure that your buyers become repeat buyers. 

2. Protect Your Brand

As we discussed earlier, the main purpose of brand registry is to protect your products from being copied and sold. Amazon is an enormously competitive marketplace so you’ll be surprised at just how often this sort of thing actually happens. But by registering your brand only you get to decide who can and cannot sell your products.

Amazon’s search and report tools make it significantly easy to conduct global scale searches for cases of potential infringement and report them. You can simply report any unauthorized seller to Amazon Brand Registry and appropriate action will be taken against the seller upon submission of proof. 

This ensures that you can save your listing from sellers who randomly take away your buy box by selling counterfeits at half the price of YOUR listing.

3. More Control Over Your Product Listings

Regular Amazon sellers are confined or restricted by its strict algorithmic requisites, ending up with very little creative liberty over how their products are marketed. 

The registry program, however, loosens these restrictions, allowing sellers complete control over the following aspects of their product display page:

  • Title
  • Product Description
  • Images
  • Enhanced Brand Content 

Anyone who’s sold on Amazon knows how important it is to be able to change the product listing. Whether you want to split test, add converting keywords into your content or improve your images, it is essential to be able to control and change your product listing. 

4. Amazon Brand Analytics

Sellers looking to expand their e-Commerce cannot do so without accurate data and reporting on customer experience. Amazon's brand registry provides a tool that helps you learn more about your customers through behavior data reports. This will help you make informed and strategic marketing decisions. 

Brand Analytics offers you the following reports:

  • Amazon Search Terms Report
  • Item Comparison Report
  • Alternate Purchase Report
  • Market Basket Report
  • Repeat Purchase Behavior Report

Each of these reports have their own merits and they can really help you understand customer behavior for your products on Amazon. This, in turn, helps you improve your offer, thereby boosting conversions. 

5. Create Comprehensive Ad Campaigns

Like we said, Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace so you need to do everything you can to stand out. Building brand awareness is key and using Amazon's sponsored brand features. Brand Registry opens up that all important Headline Search Ad and the excitingly new Product Targeting Ad. 


The Headline Search Ad lets you show up at the top spot for a particular keyword. And since the majority of the sellers don’t have brand registry, your ACOS is drastically lower. Sellers experience anything between 20 - 35% lower ACOS when using an HSA instead of a Sponsored Ad.  

The ideal strategy would be to use a combination of both. 

Amazon brand add

Headline Search Ad Example


2020 was all about ‘ethically’ stealing sales from your competitors. Ads that showed up right below your competitors Buy Box were all the rage. If you weren’t showing up, you were losing out on a number of low-cost sales. 

This year, the focus has shifted to Product Targeting Ads-- the newest update in the world of PPC. A huge Beta update, Product Targeting or Product Attribute Targeting allows you to build a specifically targeted campaign based on specific attributes of the target product. Sounds complicated?

Let’s break this down for you. Which Amazon seller wouldn’t want their ads to appear on the ASIN pages and the category search results of other sellers? Sounds exciting right?

Product Targeting allows for refined targeting options so you can display ads for your products alongside other ASINs, brands, or categories, taking away a considerable percentage of sales from them. Brand reports even tell you who these competitors are!

The plus side? You start to rank on competitor keywords and end up being shown in the Also Purchased section. This helps boost overall sales. 

Product Targeting Ad

Product Targeting Ad Example

How to Register Your Brand?

Enrolling your brand in Amazon's Brand Registry is a simple and straightforward process. Before you enroll however you need to make sure your brand meets Amazons eligibility requirements, which can be found on this page.

The main thing you need is an image-based trademark or registered text. At the moment however, Amazon accepts trademarks issued only by the following few countries:

  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • India
  • Japan
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • European Union 

The first thing you need to do is find out what your local trademark requirements and procedures are and get to work on it. Once you’ve met the eligibility requirements you can simply provide your trademark brand name and number in Seller Central and you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of Brand Registration once approved.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Amazon Brand Registry?

Registering your brand on Amazon is free. You do, however, need to register a trademark before you can apply for brand registry. This registration costs about $300 - $500. Fees vary depending on the class of protection for your trademark. 

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