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Here's what you can do with ProfitGuru:

Find popular products

1. Identify popular products with low competition.

We analyze millions of products on Amazon so you know which ones are selling well. Next, we link popular products with the amount of competition, allowing you to reduce hours of research to a few seconds of sorting and filtering.

Check if products meet your criteria

2. Check if they meet your sales criteria.

Once you zero in on potential winners, it's time to vet them based on your requirements. Filter products by things such as size or weight and check if they are sold by Amazon or the brand owner. This way, you'll avoid competing with them for sales.

Connect with suppliers

3. Connect with suppliers of shortlisted products.

Finding the right products is just one part of the equation. With ProfitGuru, you can see verified brands and suppliers for your chosen products and view their contact details at a glance. You can even filter suppliers by country/state and connect with the most relevant ones for your business.

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One beautifully simple place for wholesale and private-label research.

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Brand analytics

Grow your wholesale operation with brand analytics.

Instead of starting with a product, you can also begin your research by brand. That's a handy way to identify popular brands and their domestic suppliers. Filter brands by average number of sellers and the percentage of listings where Amazon is a competitor so you maximize your chances for success.

Product white label opportunities

Spot private-label opportunities.

Our Listing Quality Score (LQS) combines key product information in a single metric so you can easily identify potential best sellers. If you're a private-label seller, you'll want to find popular products with sub-optimal images, descriptions or customer reviews. These are ideal opportunities as they sell well despite lacking great presentation.

”Opportunities don't happen. You create them

Chris Grosser


product analytics

Product Analytics

Key metrics such as sales rank and number of sellers to help you find in-demand products with low competition.

brand metrics

Brand Metrics

Find popular brands to expand your product line using the average customer reviews and the average number of sellers per brand.

supplier directory

Supplier Directory

Get access to thousands of suppliers of best selling products so you can compare the best deals.

supplier directory

Sales Estimator

Estimate the sales volume per month for each product and decide if a product is worth pursuing.

supplier directory

Listing Quality Score (LQS)

Measures the quality of a product listing and so you can find new private-label opportunities.

supplier directory

Profit Calculator

Estimate the potential profit you can make based on product attributes like price and size.

supplier directory

Sold by Amazon Status

See if a product is sold by Amazon at a glance to avoid competing for the Buy Box.

supplier directory

Custom Tags

Track and shortlist products with ease by grouping them based on what makes sense for you.

supplier directory

Historical Data

See data about past price and sales rank to make sure the products you choose will sell consistently.

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