10 brilliant Prime products that will inspire you to sell on Amazon

Allee Evensen

Allee Evensen

February 15, 2020

10 brilliant Prime products that will inspire you to sell on Amazon

So, you want to sell on Amazon. Or maybe you don’t, but it’s likely crossed your mind at some point.

A lot of people think about how to start an Amazon Private Label business, but they get overwhelmed with questions like: 

What do I sell on Amazon?

How do I find products to sell on on Amazon?

How much are Amazon fees?

How can I guarantee a profit?

How do I open an Amazon account? 

I’ll be the first to admit that there are a lot of barriers to overcome. These are the same questions I had before I started my Amazon business in 2014. Long before I did 7 figures of revenue with a private label product, I lost money on A LOT of products

  • Silly Bandz
  • Easter jelly beans
  • iPad Cases
  • Swimming Pools
  • Pink Pens 

It took me a few years to learn the right product sells itself.

To start a private label business, you don’t need anything new or revolutionary; you just need to fill an existing need in the market. Sometimes, this even means repurposing items that are already commonplace.

Here’s a list of 10 brilliantly simple Amazon private products that will inspire you (and possibly provoke a little jealousy).

Important Note: This is not an article to tell you exactly what to sell on Amazon. Each of these product markets would be nearly impossible to break into at this point. These are simply examples of what you should be looking for.

10. Product: Acne Patches

Cost $.50-$.80 
Average sale price $9.99

People have been trying to cover up facial blemishes for thousands of years, but it took a genius to come up with a product that is basically a zit-shaped bandaid. These Acne Patches hide zits AND heal them. From a seller perspective, they cheap to ship and incur virtually no space-based storage fees.  

Acne patches

9. Product: Casabella Guac-Lock Container

Cost $1-$2
Average sale price $14.99 

This glorified Tupperware container only has one purpose; keeping guacamole green. To anyone who has thrown away hundreds of avocado-dollars in the past decade (trust me, there are a few of us) this purchase is a no brainer. 

Guacamole container

8. Product: Handbag/Purse Light with Automatic Sensor The Perfect Bag Light Motion-Activated Purse Light

Cost $.50-$1.0
Average sale price $22.99

This may be the most simple item on this list. At its essence, this is a flashlight with a hook. The same concept could be copied in a number of niches; think cars, pantries, cupboards. 

Purse light

7. Product: Diversion Safe Hair Brush by Stash-it

Cost $2-3
Average sale price $15.99

This brush is a beach bum’s dream! It’s great if your Amazon product can fulfill one need, but fulfilling two needs can create a home run. Just make sure the needs are related or a product may lose its appeal; a hairbrush is a great pseudo-wallet, but a hairspray can wouldn’t have the same appeal. 

Hairbrush money

6. Product: Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl

Cost $.30-$.80
Average sale price $8.99

It doesn’t take an engineer to come up with a partitioned cereal bowl, but it does take someone who really hates soggy Fruit Loops. See a need, fill a need. 

Anti-soggy cereal bowl

5. Product: Linda's Gap Covers

Cost $.30-$.90
Average sale price $0.95

I’m not sure who Linda is, but her product has saved me years of oven-moving and crumb cleanup. She’s the real the winner in this deal though: nothing beats selling a piece of rubber at a 10x markup. 

Lindas gap covers

4. Product: Microfiber Dusting Glove

Cost $1.50-$2
Average sale price $12.99

There will always be a market for products that replace something disposable. It also helps that these gloves are self-sustaining; no sprays or harmful chemicals needed. From a seller perspective, they are easy to manufacture and cheap to ship -- all signs of a winning private label product. 

Microfiber dusting glove

3. Product: Touch screen Cleaner Balls

Cost $25-$.50
Average sale price $9.99

Amazon is a graveyard of useless cell phone accessories, but there’s still hope for the niche: this brilliant cell phone/laptop screen cleaner will quickly remove those seemingly endless fingerprints and smudges. The profit margins aren’t too shabby either. 

Touchscreen cleaner balls

2. Product: Fantom Doorstop

Cost $1-$3
Average sale price $24.99

Sometimes the most mundane products are the ones Amazon sellers don’t bother to deal with. This magnetic doorstop is the perfect example: cheap, efficient and completely boring. Luckily Amazon customers don’t see it this way: more than 2000 of these were purchased in 2019.  

Door stopper

1. Product: Groove cleaning tool

Cost $.25-$.50
Average sale price $6.98

If you’re thinking this looks like an extra-large toothbrush, you’re absolutely right. There are thousands of cleaning brushes on the market, but only a handful can claim to be made specifically for window bases. Where there’s a will, there’s a market. 

Groove cleaning tool

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